By Clazel

Welsh Wonders

I couldn’t come to Wales and not showcase Pentre Ifan, the best known and most impressive megalithic monument in Wales. This tomb, a dolmen portal type burial chamber, is thought to date from circa 3500bc. The landscape of mountains, gently undulating hills, and Carnedd Meibion Owen Cairns provide a stunning backdrop.
It felt particularly difficult to choose a blip today, in the morning we walked around Dinas Island, beautiful seascapes and some absolute treats of birds. We looked and photographed an enormous nest on the side of a cliff close to needle rock, waited in vain for a bird to come, only to discover on downloading the photographs that it was full to bursting with a cormorant and chicks, top left and bottom right (nest centre left) in my extra montage. What phenomenal camouflage. Other never photographed before birds - the linnet, and the black backed gull.

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