By DonnaWanna

Mono Monday - Now!

This was at dinner time tonight. Toto was using his very appealing eyes to let me know that the dinner was smelling lovely and could I please tell him when would I be handing it all over to him, preferably Now!! :o).  He had an impatient whine that went with the look. Needless to say he did get some in the end!! LoL

Good news, no more Covid cases have been discovered today, I’m amazed actually as I felt sure there would be more!  We’ll be out of lockdown tomorrow but with masks still mandatory, social distancing very important and checking in with the tracking app wherever we go.  If it all goes well we’ll finish with that on Friday night and things will go back to normal! Hard to believe we’ve escaped any serious consequences once again! 

I have had another quiet day and it was very pleasant, Mr DW went to work but I declined. I had a few things on my list of things to do one day but none of them got done...! ; o) 

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