The Return of Warmth and Wood Anemone

Yesterday we worked outside in the garden as the weather warmed up a little. Today the trend continued and by lunchtime it was really lovely outside. We carried on in the garden, scraping up all the dead vegetation and moving it over to the smouldering fire.
After a few hours of this I decided it was time for a break from the garden, and instead to get the e-bike out for a cycling trip.  I went on "the circuit", a 12 km round trip, but took a detour to push the distance over 20 km.
It was lovely been out, looking at the flowers that are beginning to appear everywhere.
The "new" flower I found was anemone nemorosa, the wood anemone, or in Swedish, vitsippa.  The first examples are appearing by the road now. As you can see in the extra they are growing among the winter debris.
 I passed this wood of silver birch trees, their white bark almost glowing in the sunlight. The crowns of these trees are full of the smallest buds - just a bit more warmth and they will explode into leaf.
I felt good after the ride, and even got up the steep hill to our village without putting the electrical motor into "High". (And we did a longer and more energetic yoga program this morning.) I hope this means I am now fully recovered from the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine!

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