Hanging in

We’ve been making the most of the low Covid cases. Today we drove to Poole Park. Must be almost a year since we last went.

Parking app wouldn’t accept my Apple Pay. After 20mns, with Mr B pacing up and down, discovered the app thought I was our friend ‘E’. Last time we went I had paid for his car. So registered anew for myself and success!

Walked to Poole shopping area. Delighted to see a previously tired parade of shops has morphed into a cool selection including 2? art galleries, a fishmonger, a cafe roasting its own beans etc. Good to see.

At the café, called ‘Grounded’, spotted the plant pot half on, half off the table. So blipped it at the time, ie ‘NOW’ (for today’s Mono Monday challenge), before it fell off (it didn’t while we were there).

On Poole Quay, there’s a new posh fish eatery with terrace. And a massive Greek restaurant (not open, no menu outside yet, looked a bit pub-like). Good to see the newly pedestrianised narrow shopping street leading to the Quay.

Back home to find I was worth about £78M, sadly there was a blip on the app. Enjoyed it while it lasted.

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