One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye


To let
Siamese coppers on a six legged horsey with two heads. Ideal for kiddies parties and post football matches fracas. 
I'll tell you something that was far from freaky about my Monday. I was coming back from the main concourse in the Repair Factory, heading across the little square back to my office. 
It was lovely and sunny and warm and I stopped for a few minutes, watching people go by. 

Just a few meters from me, I saw this young girl, in her early to mid twenties, who had been wheeled out in a medical armchair by a young nurse in her early to mid twenties. The patient in blue pyjamas and wrapped in a blue healthcare blanket, the young nurse in her blue scrubs. Away from the misery of the ward for a few minutes, in the sunshine, under the blue blue sky. 
The girl in the chair was loving every precious second in the sun, breathing the fresh air ofthe outside, the air that normal people breathe every day all the time without a thought. 

Then I noticed a young guy approaching silently from the side, with his index finger across his lips, gesturing to the nurse not to say a thing. He approached the armchair from behind and whispered something in the young patient’s ear.
The flash of delight on her face was something to behold. He got very emotional himself and held her hand and rubbed his cheek on her cheek. The young nurse took two steps back and looked up towards the light and the warmth, and let them have a moment together.

That’s when I started welling up. Without sad piano music playing. Without manipulation from a masterful director who knows his dramatic timing of emotional scenes. This was real life, in real time, out of nowhere. No stage directions, no light projectors, no smoke machines. It was beautiful and sad and happy and sad and comforting and it gave me faith in the inherent goodness of most people.

I discreetly approached the nurse, who had obviously secretly arranged the meeting between the two, at a time when all visits are drastically restricted on the wards. I thanked her with a lump in my throat, and I told her that she should be very proud of herself.

Not your average Monday.

Also WuggyBear gave me a slice of cake called Finn (McCool), out of nowhere. Definitely a good Monday.

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