By BanksiaMan

Booyong viaduct

Booyong is the name of a large rainforest tree that grows in this area. It is also the name of a locality about a 1/2 hour drive inland. Where there was once a railway line, with a station named Booyong. 

The line was built in the 1890s. It was closed by the NSW Government in 2004. This fine trestle viaduct still remains at Booyong, but is gradually decaying. 

We rode over this viaduct a couple of times in the 1970s, on an excellent train service called the Gold Coast Motorail from Sydney to Murwillumbah, just south of the Queensland border. Passengers could drive their car to Sydney's Central Station where it was loaded onto the train. The train departed about 7 pm, dinner was served in the dining car, we'd retire to a comfortable sleeper compartment, breakfast in the dining car and arrive in Murwillumbah around 11 am. According to Wikipedia the service was popular and highly profitable. But in the late 1990s the Government replaced this train with a far less attractive service, patronage fell, and shortly after the line was closed. Due to lack of public support! I get so annoyed about this.

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