Robin at large

By Robin

A Piece to Camera

I am vaguely aware there is an election shortly, though I try to know as little about it as possible. The Labour Party bus was parked at the harbour while I was there today. The Party contingent was staying warm and dry in the bus while they waited to be summoned by the BBC film crew.

It looked to me like the crew was waiting to be told there was about to be a ship passing in the background as it left the harbour. This would no doubt be the opportunity for Mr Sarwar to do his piece to camera and to talk about the importance of the energy industry for both jobs and the UK economy.

I say "energy", though Aberdeen is primarily an oil town, but "oil" is a dirty word now that dare not be spoken aloud. Whether Aberdeen can survive the transition from oil to alternative sustainable energy sources is open to question in my opinion. A city whose prosperity is based solely on a single industry is very vulnerable to the winds of change.

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