By dfb24


...the theme for AbstractThursday, and thanks to Ingeborg for hosting.
(This started out as the photo in the extras).  Tom's sister should be coming in soon & I'll be leaving for the airport once I hear from her. My step-daughter, SIL and the twins will be coming for a visit the end of May & we're so excited that we'll be able to finally see them--it's been a year since they were last here. Mae's covid test came back negative, of course, so she's back at school. Tom had labs drawn this morning & they are improving, the pharmacist called to adjust Tom's pills a little (based on the lab results), he WALKED into the clinic this morning--no w/c--has been off the oxygen completely since Monday, & the physical therapist was just here and signed off, as Tom doesn't need him anymore. All positive news & we thank you all for the prayers and good wishes, which have certainly helped.  :))

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