David J. Rose

By djrose007

The Old Peg Lady!

Betty, aka 'F.M.i.L., is very short, compared to normal sized people anyway. This makes it difficult for her to reach the peg bag when hanging out washing. Usually, she fills her pockets but today I found her pegging her dressing gown collar and cuffs. She said it's the easiest way for her to get hold of them.
I just found it hilarious and asked if I could take her photo. I thought it would make a difference from blips of Jonty, Grandchildren and Birds.
I sent it to our family members, using a social media, but not facebook as I left before Christmas. 
Johanna said "She is an old bird though" HAHAHAHAHAHA
Daniel responded saying it reminded him of a character in a game he played (see Extra).

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