Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

Eagle owl crag, again.

It isn't an easy walk to resist, just under a kilometer from the parking place to the top, with fabulous views that reward a steep climb over smooth granite. We would have gone the day before yesterday but got seduced by tales of waterfalls! We would have gone yesterday but for the continuous snow! And today we were up there in full sunshine, the heat really pleasant on our backs as we ate our packed lunch. This was the view.

The lake is almost ice-free and the majority of the swans that were there last time have flown on. Lots of Canada geese though, splashing and carrying on. I love being high up like this, and getting such a long view here is not that easy since we are mostly a forested area. I sometimes long for a proper bit of moorland, the sort of wide empty ridges I grew up walking on. We were greeted by a quiet, alert dog and realised she had to have humans with her... they were huddling in the cabin as it was "so stormy" - we were just speaking about how warm the sun was! They were very nice to chat to and the man knew our neighbour Sven-Erik well - he was a school friend of SE's son. The Swedish world is small, and we are wise to never gossip and speak ill of anyone!!!

I have been cross this evening, cross with the stupidity of the Brexit decision, and very cross indeed about customs and handling charges. One second hand book from the UK, plus postage that was twice what the book was worth - and now, in order to get the package I have to pay almost £10 in charges - making the book 4 times as expensive!! And I have to make a customs declaration, which is perhaps something that World of Books failed to do? We shall see, but first I will pay up. This is one of the hidden expenses and hassles of the UK no longer being in the EU. In the past I have had gifts sent by kind and generous blippers, but this is taking all the fun out of sending and receiving things by post! I remember another blipper having an even bigger charge when picking up a parcel from the UK...

And I'm cross with the PM and all his lies, blethering on and not answering questions. I thought Sir Keir did a good job, pinning him down and watching the wriggling... but I would much prefer to have a sensible, capable and honest PM in charge of the country. Rather than getting a laugh out of this sort of performance. It is so unedifying... are these people only in politics to further their own interests? I believe I'm involved in the hope of furthering the interests of all citizens, especially the ones currently being neglected and abused. I hope that's why... My dedicated politician brother has been leafleting and doing his daily bit for the last month as the local elections loom on the horizon. I hope Labour does better and that people vote anything but Tory people use their vote wisely, voting for whatever party they have most faith in. Dave has been a Labour councillor for about 40 years... 

It isn't yet dark, and it's 9.30, these light nights are so wonderful. I raked a bit this morning, there is a lot of debris to remove from an overgrown and rather large garden. Tomorrow I expect to be gardening most of the day. In the late afternoon we will reveal the window! I have a couple of posters to make before then. Keith will be making the movie! To be released on May first! We went into town after our walk and did some food shopping, Thursday being a better day than Friday, crowds-wise. As soon as the sun went off us it was bitterly cold - unseasonably so according to my sources. We called into the party office and collected our "first of May" pins, they are a big thing here. I wasn't that bothered till I saw the design, it's a red hand making a victory V sign, with the words "jobs, equality and hope for the future" in gold lettering. Very stylish, very appropriate and I think I'll wear it all year!

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