Fluffy white clouds

In the early nineties 'easy listening' CDs were fashionable. One was Californian, called Fluffy White Clouds. I don't remember who gave it to me, but the title track was some nondescript lift music, with a girl's voice repeating "fluffy white clouds" over and over again.

I once read that the average fluffy white cloud (not that there is such a thing) weighs about 50,000 tons. Very roughly, that works out at some 51 million litres of water That's a lot of rain per fluffy.

There's a lot of fluffy yonder, over the Moray coast. Fluffy white, seen from over here, or on top. But probably black underneath, as it's raining. Fluffy is as fluffy does.

From this distance, over ten miles, the other striking thing is the absolute straight line formed by the base of the clouds, all the way from Kinloss to Inverness. Are we looking at an isobar? If so, it should have a label.

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