By dreaming

It's always something

Having a cat is a good way to always have something to photograph for Blip.  So here is Sylvie on her favorite perch on the bed.

Yesterday evening I managed to fall and twist my left ankle and knee pretty badly.  So my road to recovery is being side-tracked for a while as I deal with these sprains and keep an eye on the pain around the right incision site.  I did get home, finally, with Lex and Doug packing me up and setting me up here again.  Sylvie is glad to have me back and has been very affectionate.  I've discovered that, like Minkelina, she does not like it when I'm on the phone or the computer.  Just trying to do this blip is difficult because she's blocking the screen.

I wish I could give all my well-wishers a more positive report, but I'm hoping that rest and ice packs will move things along.

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