By Yorkshirebred

Flower Friday

Got a call from the doctor’s this morning to go on today’s reserve list for my second vaccine.  Unfortunately you had to be able to get there within 30 minutes of getting a call at whatever part of the day, and with roadworks in the next village delaying the buses etc I couldn’t rely on getting there if a call came through. I also had a food delivery due late morning/early afternoon, so had to decline.  Never mind - they are well in advance around here so have been told it will only be a another week or so anyway and I’m in no rush. The call may not have come anyway as the take up is pretty good in this area. I noticed that some of the daffodils in the tubs by the front door had broken stems so I brought them inside to put in a vase.  I prefer these double blooms to the traditional trumpet daffs, and thought they would be ideal for Flower Friday.  Another view in extras.  

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