By spannarama

Moorhen chicks

Busy day of work (but very productive again - enjoying it at the moment).  I got out for a quick walk before dinner - of course I had to go back and see the moorhen babies (chicks?  is that the right word) again.  They stay quite well hidden a lot of the time, but I hung around patiently, and was rewarded with a family of ducklings speeding over towards me (so speedy I didn't get one sharp shot), and then, as I was thinking I ought to head home, the moorhens appeared.  They're kind of ugly to be honest, but also super cute in their tiny black fluffiness.

Hurried back home for dinner, and then settled down to watch a live stream of Jon McGregor (author and also a friend from my teenage years) in conversation with Jarvis Cocker about his new book.  Really enjoyed that - and had a quick catch-up with him on Twitter later too.  Then watched Taskmaster, and then to bed - hence backblipping this a couple of days later.

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