By nonpcplod

Samuel Whiskers.

Samuel Whiskers is a bold, snuff-taking, "enormous old rat".  Beatrix Potter

There is a bit of a heated debate going on in Linton, Samuel Whiskers and his (very) extended family are right at the centre of it. The Horn Lane ford has for many years been the place for youngsters to feed the ducks. The ducks do very well as the food supply seems limitless but so do the rats. Opinion on what to do about this is split, some want them shot, poisoned, trapped or just plain magicked away while many others are more inclined towards 'live and let live'... Implementing the obvious solution of stopping the feeding of ducks is of course unthinkable.

I went down this morning to get this photo after the Farmers' Market.

Later Margaret and I went off for a walk in Great Bendysh Wood to see what the bluebells were like there... rather sparse compared to other places nearby. On our way we saw ninjashoe out for a dog walk. Always nice to see other blippers.

BTW there is no evidence supporting the 'snuff-taking' statement.

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