By schorschi

The Vets

Up before the sparrows worrying about my 'problem'. It doesn't seem to have got worse overnight, but as no medical practice open at that hour, simply went into the well practised "Pack a hospital bag" routine. I have done this same operation before. I think the second time about 3 years ago I didn't even bother going to a consultant but simply headed for hospital, and was operated on a few hours later. I am so well versed in the procedure I had gone into Nil-By-Mouth mode at midnight.

Then the phoning started - I don't even bother with GP i n such cases. Tried my consultant of last 15 years but forgot the practice is closed Tuesday morning as he is out operating in a small local hospital where he has a few beds. What now?

Do what everyone does, Google! My main aim was not to land up in Memmingen's huge hospital and main Corona treatment place in the area. My choice would have been Ottobeuren hospital just 6 km away as it is being held Corona-free to treat other problems but the one department they don't have is Urology.

Oh well, pot luck....a Urologist 20 km away in a very rural small town Bad Grönenbach. I phoned, the receptionist (Urologist's wife as it turned out) said come tomorrow but when I explained a bit more she said come right away, but it could mean having to wait a long time.

I packed my things and set off dodging all the tractors out on the road although had to stay behind one with its slurry tank as it drove past the practice front door. Went to the front door and everything locked up. Discovered the consultant has two practices, one here, one in Memmingen. His wife had forgotten to say Memmingen when my phone call was redirected from the rural practice.

Back in the car and back up to Memmingen, getting there at 10:30. Very friendly and as expected shown to the waiting room where I probably had to wait around an hour. Then shown into the office. All masked up of course I couldn't see the face of the very young looking doctor. I had my complete medical records with all the long-winded written reports of the last 15 years. He flicked through them and then said, "We know each other"! Turns out he was in Memmingen hospital and about 6 years ago set up his own practice.

Anyway, without blinking he took a look said he would open me up here and now! On to a bed, injected with local anaesthetic, 5 minutes later, snip, snip and "Got the worst done, it was so big can't do it all but come back in 6 weeks, and we'll finish it off".

I was baffled and amazed. So quick, so confident, so painless. And above all so thankful! I simply couldn't face two nights in hospital at the moment!

As to the "Vet" and "Cows" bit: Our part of Bavaria, the Allgäu" is most famous for it's brown cows and being a dairy centre of Germany. The doc and I suspect his wife simply wanted to have the cow symbol as their logo, and it is all over the place. I think it's great. Made me smile the entire time I was there!

When I got home, the ADAC (Germany's AA) was just packing up, although we proceeded to chat for at least an hour about electric cars. My Polo's problem was actually very simple and sorted in two minutes. On older cars, the wiring cables that go through doors or the tailgate of estates eventually break with all the opening and closing. Seemingly the wire to the 3rd brake light on the tailgate roof had broken , caused a shortcut which blew the fuse and that set off the immobiliser preventing the car starting. He had checked the key first as that can also set off the same locking mechanism if it is dropped and a bit of the electronic gubbins is loose. A free of charge 10 cent repair!

I often wondered whether to bother with membership of the breakdown club which I have held for the last 30 years, since 1991, and which I pay for both Angie & myself. During lots of that time I had company cars where I didn't need it but still kept paying mainly because of the foreign travel cover. I haven't luckily had too many reasons to use their services but have to say I don't feel it's been a waste of money.

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