By dfb24

Two Bananas

I went to see my aunt today, and it was so nice to actually be in the same room so we could talk face to face. She's like a living History book. Today I asked her how she met my uncle & found out they'd gone to the same high school--I'd had no clue. She said he was two years older than her, so she knew who he was but that they'd never dated until the day she graduated and he asked her out. They continued to date, and then he enlisted in the Air Force the end of 1943. He went to Texas for his basic training,  came home for two months at which time they were married, & then was shipped overseas. He was initially assigned to be a tail gunner in a B-17 Bomber, but since he was 6ft. 3in. tall he was so crammed in there he couldn't move, so was changed to a side gunner. His plane was shot down over Germany, and they had to parachute out of the plane. The tail gunner was shot & killed as he floated toward the ground, and the rest of the crew were captured. They were forced to march for days, stopping only at night when they were given a thin soup to eat. He said occasionally there would be people working out in fields who would run to the side of the road and hand them a tomato or a carrot. They were put into a concentration camp & later were rescued by Russian soldiers. When my uncle was sent back to the US, he weighed just under 110 lbs.  I'd heard some of this story before but not all of it, so am recording it here for myself. I wish I'd have recorded more of her memories, as they're truly fascinating to listen to.  But back to the bananas. I was stopped at a traffic light in downtown Milwaukee when I spotted these two. I have no idea where they were going or why they were dressed as bananas, but thought it would be good for Silly Saturday, in honor of Admirer, and thanks to Laurie54 for hosting. I DID notice that everyone was extra nice to the bananas; do you know why?
Because no one wanted to hurt their peelings! LOL. 

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