David J. Rose

By djrose007

This mornings walk

Took a few photos this morning. Liked the one of Jonty looking over his shoulder, which is very unusual. It's usually me waiting for him to catch up but I hung back to take this one.
He met a new friend as well, they hit it off straight away. You can see the stance which was followed by them running around chasing each other. It was all very friendly; they were obviously having a great time.
Took one of the trees casting long shadows, it was 08:00 but the sun had risen above the houses but still quite an angle. It was also still cold but the sun has been shining all day - unlike tomorrow apparently.
The one of the van is a bit random but my immediate thought was of those people who have bumper stickers on an old, cheap, car "My Other Car is a Porsche". This made me think the Ford van is saying "When I grow up I want to be a big SCANIA truck".
We went home and started on the roast pork dinner, crackling was just lovely!

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