What I've Done

By JohnGravett

Holiday over!

We came back from Northumberland yesterday afternoon. Started today with a visit to B&Q to get building materials for a visit to Deb's Mum's. At the back of the kitchen is a little outhouse - used for the washing machine and tumble dryer. In the corner of the room was an area boxed in with plasterboard, with an opening at the base (and beyond that, open to the sky) The plasterboard was in a terrible state, and was damp along the bottom edge. I removed the plasterboard to the front face, and was relieved to find brickwork over most of the back (I was half expecting just a wooden frame). Fixed PVC membrane, and battened it up, then fixed plywood to the battens. Of course, none of the edges were straight, which gave me a bit of a challenge!

A long, tiring day, but it all looked better by the end. Next week we'll have a return visit to decorate, before putting the house on the market.

No time for any other pics, so a work in progress blip

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