By TonyG

Dolgoch Woods

A lot more people there than my last visit (I was quite alone then) and  more flowers too as the season slowly advances.   Wood Sorrel (above,) Marsh Marigolds, Dog Violets, Wild Garlic and of course, Bluebells (extra pic).    It was a delight.    

I'd travelled up there on the last train with Meg, combining a ride on the train with the need to give Meg a good walk.   She loves the woods, so many interesting smells and she enjoyed being made a fuss of by several children we met.   She doesn't like the trains though, barking at the noise they make and today I found out that travelling in a middle compartment in a coach is a very bad idea.   Manic barking!!!    Sat on my lap she was mostly quiet but a lap-dog she isn't.   On the way back we rode in an end compartment of an open coach with her curled up under my seat in a 'safe' corner.   She was quiet and I almost nodded off!  The late afternoon light was lovely across the valley, another extra pic taken from the open coach between Dolgoch and Brynglas.

A busy day on the work front.  A couple of hours cleaning early and late in the day plus a couple of hours kitchen duties at lunchtime.  This evening I've potted on some seedlings and battened down the hatches outside as some stormy weather is forecast for tomorrow ... but hopefully it will blow the seagull nests off our roof!

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