Robin at large

By Robin

Crathes Castle

My first outing beyond the confines of the city since... well I can't remember precisely when, since late last year anyway. A visit to Crathes Castle to have a look at the garden.

When we arrived at Crathes we spent the first 15 minutes or so sitting in the car waiting for a heavy shower to pass over. The weather released us eventually. There was even a hint of sunshine for a while.

The walled garden showed some signs of frost damage, and generally the plants were probably not as for forward as we would have expected at the beginning of May. I can see the gardeners have been busy over the winter, and there are some new landscape features.

For the Blip today I have passed on the walled garden in favour of this view of the castle with the daffodil display in the foreground.

We had a look at going to the cafe, but due to the much reduced menu decided to pass this time.

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