By MovableParts


Location: The middle of nowhere last night on a dirt road beyond civilization

Me: Don't you think maybe we should turn around?

The musician: No, why would we do that?

Me:  Well, the sun is setting and I'm pretty sure that's a sand storm heading toward us.

The musician:  Cool!  Let's get closer!

Me: (opening the door to take a photo. The wind slams it shut in my face) That is definitely a haboob!

The M:  Let's just drive over this ridge and watch for a few minutes.

Me: (First extra...over the ridge) Yelling to be heard over the wind: OK, let's go now!  The car is getting sand blasted!

Me: (2nd extra) Look! It's coming from both sides. We should leave now!

The M: Reluctantly, ooooooooo...kay.

We live to see another day :-)

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