One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Darth Rober

returning to the Dark Side... 

After a difficult-to-get-my-arse-in-gear work day I headed to the 40 Foot for the therapeutic effect of the snot green sea.
It therapeuted as expected. 
Then to the GP to bite the bullet and get something for my infected chin that will not heal (thanks to blipfoto I was able to tell the GP that it happened 13 days ago. I also told him how many salmons Uncle Martin caught, with which type of fly and where exactly on the lake - with GPS coordinates*) I blame it on the snot green sea. No I don't. I blame it on being a muppet and not properly disinfecting a cut... 
Pity I don't have a Spaniel at hand. Even though they happily bite into young calves' excrement or rotting seal carcasses on the beach, their little spaniel tongues have magical disinfecting properties. Nana says so. 

* I'm kidding Martin, my lips were sealed. Even as he poked at my wound I would not tell him anything. 

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