By FotoAlex

Blue crabs

We went to the D.C. area to pick up my bicycle. It's great! I'll take a photo of it when it's not rainy out, which looks like it won't be for a few days.

After getting the bike and strapping it to the rear of Jill's vehicle (I am proud to say I set up the trunk rack just fine), we did some shopping. We stopped at Trader Joe's, World Market and 99 Ranch Market. The latter is an Asian market. We stocked up on snacks and dinner ingredients.

The photo is from 99 Ranch Market. There is plenty of live seafood available. If I lived closer (we're two hours away), I would buy some. I do miss living in a city because of the easy access to markets and stores.

Anyway, I am excited about my bike! I also got a helmet, a bag that straps underneath the seat, a water bottle and a cage to hold the bottle. I can't wait to take the bike for a spin.

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