Gosling Rescue

These silly little feathers were taking the middle of the Burnsall to Bolton Abbey road on the brow of a hill.  After encouraging them to the side of the road and slowing a few cars down, a gate was in sight.  With help from a couple driving by, we managed to lead the goslings through the gate and mum eventually worked out she could fly over rather than force herself through!  A bit of hissing later and everyone lived happily ever after.

Speaking of which, we watched Miss Potter the other night and loved it.  I've always been a Beatrix Potter fan and it was really interesting to hear her story and see some great actors telling the tale.

I say happily ever after.  I had a wonderful outing with my new bar tape but on the last hill up to our house, a hairline twinkle wiggled across the road.  I wasn't sure but had a good idea what it was. Sure enough, I was sure a few minutes later with a grand halo. Migraine!  They happen so infrequently now, they're always a bit of a surprise.  I've munched on a few pills, cancelled my lesson tonight and taking my eyes off the screen now.  Not feeling too bad so fingers crossed, I caught it early.

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