Portrait - Magritte style

An interesting day today - it's been cold. I did some plumbing this morning - general keep the house going stuff.

Mr H returned from his all night party looking tired!!! Mrs W went into town to see her mate and have a chin wag, cruise round some exhibitions, see a play and have dinner.

So I was left to my own devices (always dangerous). I cooked a massive casserole, and shopped for a shocking breakfast in bed for mothers day - bananas flambéed in brandy with chocolate sauce and ice cream. Saw it on the TV this morning - hope she doesn't read this between now and tomorrow morning.

I was despairing of a blip until I remembered it was a faceless portrait for the March challenge. So this was easy. Shoot the background, stand in the frame and shoot again. Put one shot on top of the other and rub out the bits you don't want.

Just for fun I used a one shot HDR for the two images, made a mono copy and reduced the opacity a touch to wash out the colours.

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