Sandwich Tern #52

Today looked great when we woke up but by 9am it was looking much less appealing. The forecast had changed from full sun all morning to cloud and then possible hail at 13.00. We set off for RSPB Hodbarrow and it rained lightly most of the way, but by the time we had parked up and donned our coats it had just about stopped. Good timing. Just a few sprinkles along the 3 mile circuit and we were allowed to shelter in the hide halfway round which was good. The wind was biting and there is no shelter at all along the sea wall, but it was worth it. Three different terns - sandwich, common and little terns. I was surprised at how well the little terns lived up to their name - they are tiny indeed, and it didn’t help that they had all decided to nest at the farthest place from the hide and way too far away for a shot which is a shame as I can’t see us finding them anywhere else this year. Instead today’s blip is of a sandwich tern looking for love. He tried to woo a partner with a fish, but she didn’t seem to be interested, so after a number of tries, he flew off with his catch to try somewhere else. 
On the way back we were in danger of getting blown out to sea and it felt VERY cold indeed - are we sure that it’s really May? 
Two hours later we got back to the car and the heavens opened, so we cut our losses as came back to base. It’s been raining on and off since we got back, so it seems like it was a good decision. It was our first time at Hodbarrow and we will definitely be back.  

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