Red and Yellow and Pink

We popped out tonight for the sunset.

‘Twas not as spectacular as last nights ... the cloud was heavy and blocking the sun but we did see this rainbow

We were driving to the top of the hill which sits at the back of the town.. it’s a lovely place to see the sunset.

Not tonight it wasn’t.

One car was parked slap bang in the middle of a space - it can fit three cars tightly as long as everyone parks sensibly. We pulled in behind; but our bum was sticking out ..

But there was a car parked across the road and back which was empty. We think the occupant was in the car in front

Not entirely sure what was going on but the occupants were emptying boxes of sports goods... shoes; clothes; accessories... we totally figured we were watching a splitting up of the spoils of a break in.... or maybe they had just been on a shopping spree at 9pm

Don’t judge; I don’t call the police. Last time I called the police to let them know a group of kids were lighting fires on the golf course. I was told ‘you do know we aren’t the fire brigade... if you are really worried hang up and dial 999 and ask for ‘the fire service’

Pft. Puts you off being proactive

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