By Tealuke

Fiery 500

First, an apology. I never do special blips for my blipday, and really enjoy seeing the creative ways many people mark them. I just type the number at the top on GIMP. So this time was going to be different. The plan was to collect some cherry blossom, head up Mt. Takao, and do a landscape with a cherry 500 in the foreground. But...

Upon reaching Takaosanguchi I heard a wailing, and could see a huge amount of smoke furling up beside the road. I wandered up to find a shinto festival (after research: Hiwatarisai) in which the monks helped people walk across hot coals covered with a thin layer of earth (you could feel the heat when walking), while others rang bells and continuously chanted. The posters around town showed the monks doing it on the coals themselves, but I came too late for that. I took far too many photos, but I think I like this one best, of a monk guiding people across. Even worse than usual, I didn't want to put a number in it.

Thanks to everyone for comments, advice, inspiration (most of all), and to blipfoto for improving my photos. I've been lax on replying to comments recently so will try to buck my ideas up.

Japan Highlights:

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Snow Monkeys




Bye Barbara

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