curns' corner

By curns

Acme Lighting

There’s a very old piece of street furniture of my daily walk which, most of the time, I forget is there. When I do see it I often wonder why I don’t notice it every time I pass by. It’s labelled ‘ACME Lighting & Engineering Co’ and maybe an elaborate street lamp.  It’s worn and rusty and I can find nothing about it on the internet except another person wondering what it is. And an entry on a site about listed buildings that also uses the same name. At first I considered it might be fake: some kind of elaborate prop made to look old but isn’t.  I think that’s because I associate ACME with the Acme Corporation from Road Runner cartoons.  But it seems real. Fascinating to see what is hanging around. In other places I imagine this would have been removed but, for some reason, this one has been left here.

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