By Ridgeback13

Wee ride out

Likely to be the best weather of the week and I’d booked today as leave, so K and I headed to Cambridge for a trip out.
It was so lovely to wander in and out of shops and market stalls, and enjoy wandering the pretty streets.not anything like as busy as usual....students having exams and far fewer tourists than typically. The shopkeepers all seemed delighted to welcome people into their shops, and it felt like a rare treat to browse everywhere....simple pleasures!
We found a lovely place to buy lunch, and they had an arrangement with St Benet’s church opposite for us to sit in the beautiful garden to eat. Wisteria out, and a lovely setting. Interesting to see all the horse chestnut trees just about to burst into flower, bang on time for Mt’s birthday and ready to trigger the memories for me of wheeling him around this town in his little blue pram under those blossoms almost exactly 36 years ago. We were supposed to be buying birthday cards, one for him, but didn’t have a lot of luck getting anything other than a jacket each in a very good sale.
Wandered some more with home made gelato, then picked up some beautiful Italian gnarled tomatoes and a couple of Chelsea buns from Fitzbillies and headed home for tea and the buns and a slump...
Planned lunch for Sunday, then I dragged myself to the supermarket to get everything and back to T’s to relax and watch gardeners world with him, talking planting and landscaping.

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