All part of the story

By Treshnish


Fangan is Gaelic for Fanks. Gaelic is not my language but then again these aren’t my fanks. I couldn’t name the project Fank as An Tobar commissioned a project in a fank a few years ago.  I hoped the use of a Gaelic title would remind people looking at the photographs of the Gaelic spoken by those working in the fanks 200 hundred years ago.  

Mike did an amazing job hanging the photographs. I was really pleased with how it looked. And sincere thanks to PictureMull for coming to the rescue and printing the Crackaig photograph for the collaboration.

Covid put paid to an opening party and meant that visitors were admitted by appointment only, but Eve and I were there should anyone want to talk to us. She left to catch the ferry back to Oban at 4 and shortly afterwards I left to come home.

Feel strangely exhausted now.

S is struggling with too many bottle fed lambs at the moment but apart from that, thankfully lambing is almost done.

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