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Tooth and Claw!

Saturday today and another Zoom to start the day. I'm glad this rush of meetings is over, it was all a bit much. Today was the full AGM as opposed to the Standing Committee yesterday so lots of screens - which is always hard to keep track of. Ali came by afterwards and we went to Sainsburys, life is so exciting these days!
It's rained most of the day so my gardening has been of the cerebral variety and I think it's likely to continue that way for a while looking at the forecast.
Some rooted Verbena cuttings arrived from Sarah Raven plants, beautifully packaged and a good size, very impressive even if I don't need 5 of them. I love using the leaves in both hot milk and in water, to drink
Today's blip is one of the roses outside our lounge window which the greenfly particularly enjoy! I bought some ladybird larvae the other week to try to deal with them. They were so tiny when they arrived that I actually kept them for over a week to get bigger before putting them out a couple of days ago - even then they were not much bigger than a pin head. I was delighted to see this one putting on a show outside the lounge window today, he wiped out about 4 greenfly in an hour and I'll swear I could see him growing as I watched! Mind you I put around 50 onto the various roses and this is the only one I could spot. Hopefully the others are making their presence felt and making similar inroads. They can't fly so it must take them ages to walk from one branch to another. There's another shot in the extra. The images are not great as they were taken through glass in the rain, but you get the idea. This one is between 1 and 2 mm long. Lots of growing and munching to do hopefully before he becomes a pupae.
Episode 2 of the last series of Line of Duty tonight and I noticed there were 7 episodes in the series. Won't need to dodge the spoilers soon.

Not unexpectedly we have returned an SNP government. I'm fed up of the appalling BBC reporting though, they've really alienated me and many other Scots viewers this year. They seem to ignore the fact that the Scottish system was designed to make it almost impossible for there to be an outright majority and keep talking about a minority government. I give up.
Keep safe and well everybody. It's not very tempting to gather in large crowds outside in this weather so perhaps the weather is on our side. A little longer will help.

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