By SamAgainPlease

Mothers' Day

Hope I haven't offended anybody with my placement of the apostrophe :)

We (my partner and I) went to Warringah Mall (our local big shopping complex) this morning and I noticed it spelt with the apostrophe after the "r" most of the time (or omitted altogether of course).  Our son bought a card with it spelt that way too.  I'm convinced it should be after the "s" because there's more than one mother being signalled out today... surely?

Anyway, saw my mum yesterday with my only siblings.  At nigh on 90 I'm happy she's still with us.

So... the Mall... I'm getting old.  I went looking for socks with little or no elastic in them - is that what older people do?  Buy socks that don't squeeze their legs so much that they leave a big lump above where they come up to?  How depressing!

More planning for our renovation and for our son's 18th birthday.  Given he (a) spends so much time in the shed and (b) is probably going to university and (c) rental accommodation in Sydney is rare and expensive and (d) therefore he's likely to be staying at home for the next few years and (e) he's wanting to buy a bandsaw(!).... renovations and his 18th birthday are kind of linked.  We'll be needing to move out for the renovation so... everything's linked to everything else at the moment I guess.

By the way, the flowers in this pic were not purchased for mothers' day but I thought them appropriate (and expected).

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