Tulip love

The tulips in the garden are such a great subject right now, but it is so difficult to get them all in a shot which will do them justice. It's Mother's Day in many parts of the world and I wish I could have sent my mum in Italy some tulips, but they're not so available in Italy. At least she has the company of my middle sister today and had a visit from our youngest sister yesterday !

We're expecting Jack and his parents any moment now and then we'll try to connect to great-grandmother and birthday great-aunt in Italy all together !

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, mothers-to-be, mothers in thoughts if not physically, all who mother, it's a life-long task done with love !

I sprinkled stars on all the Abstract Thursday but don't have so much tme today for comments, so I hope you won't mind. This coming Thursday the optional theme for Abstract Thursday will be 'topsy-turvy'. The tag will be AT307 :-)

Here is the list of 5 special entries from last Thursday:
gblrps               abstracted great cat
DawnP              dandelion clock
john39               alien sea creatures
tryfan46            bedroom a la Van Gogh
LauriesPictos   scraggly tree

Thanks for all the entries and for your creativity !

And thank you very much for the kind comments and stars for yesterday's album cover remake :-)

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