By FotoAlex


This is the newest roller coaster at Hersheypark in Pennsylvania. It opened last year, but we weren't able to go because of the virus and time off. But I got an extra day off today and am partially vaccinated (round two is in three days), so we visited this park.

Candymonium is 210 feet tall (64m) and goes 76 mph (122 kmh). It's incredibly fun. We got the back row for our first ride. Every hill lifts you out of your seat (it's called airtime). Our second ride was in the third row. It's great there too. I think this is my second favorite coaster of this style by this manufacturer. That's specific, huh? Candymonium was my 305th roller coaster.

A storm came in while we were there, but we did get a rainy, cold ride on Great Bear. Candymonium closed while we were in line the second time, but it opened after about half an hour. Waiting in line made me anxious because people weren't distancing, and the man behind me pulled his mask down and stood way too close to me.

I met a fellow coaster enthusiast and photographer, Daniel. We first met at HoliWood Nights in 2019. He's a nice guy and takes excellent photos.

More photos of the park in extras. We didn't venture far in for photos because the park was almost closed, and we wanted photos of the new coaster at the front.

Fahrenheit was closed. I still have not gotten to ride that coaster. Someday.

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