An Antony Gormley sculpture

Sunday mornings should never be this frantic. Let’s go forward to 8.00pm this evening when we have to get Doreen back home for her evening carer’s visit.

We need to have time to have dinner before watching Call the Midwife. Dinner has to be prepared and in the slow cooker this morning. Susan cut my hair, we made sandwiches and set off at noon to take Doreen to visit Folkestone. Added to which we were later up too.

Much to our disappointment Folkestone was cooler under a layer of cloud while back in Maidstone it had been warm and sunny. We pushed Doreen more than 5 miles around Folkestone Harbour station and harbour arm and along the Lower Leas coast path to Sandgate and back. We had our lunch on a bench overlooking Folkestone beach finished off with a coffee.

Folkestone is really coming up in the world. The harbour arm was buzzing with people eating, drinking and perusing the market on the renovated station platform. The champagne bar at the end of the pier was doing a roaring trade.

Lots of fascinating installation art to see too. Today’s blip is of an Antony Gormley sculpture (Another Time XVIII 2013) on the underside of the harbour arm. All the beach huts have been painted in a graduated colour scheme by Rana Begum, making it one of the largest “and most joyous” installations the country.

So it was worth the effort even though the pavements were very wheelchair unfriendly and the car parks charged for disabled parking. The clouds were fascinating also, which is why I’ve included one as an extra.

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