Hapy Brfday

Not the best of nights...they were both awake at 6am, perhaps because K had to leave then to go to dressage so they may have heard her. So they both came in with me and tried to keep quiet til it was time to wake up. AR did ‘dreaming with her eyes open’...thinking about going to her local park apparently, and Mx twitched and fidgeted and talked about the slide in their park, counted his fingers, and spelled out words. He’s obviously soaking up all the spelling from AR’s homework....and at one point told me ‘oh and oh make a digraph and sound oo’!
Eventually got up and went down for breakfast. Bit of a mad time trying to finish the prep for today’s lunch, getting them dressed, having a shower and encouraging AR to make Mt a birthday card (her spellings are still somewhat phonetic hence the blip title today).
Took them for a walk to the local park where AR made friends immediately with another girl and played well with her for ages. Mx struggled with climbing up to a slide but cracked it, enjoyed the swing and then had huge delight when he mastered a sort of swinging seat.
Back home and A arrived and helped clear up and do final prep before Mt&H got here. Kids didn’t want the lunch we’d made (till dessert!) but we ploughed on regardless and ate too much then had to collapse a bit. Lot of talk of the new pooch about to join the family with A&N, whilst Higgs and Heston chased each other around.
Set off up to the snowdome for Mt’s birthday sledging treat. It was a lot of fun and surprisingly the kids both enjoyed it ....I was sure at least one would be too scared of going fast. Best exercise I’ve had all week.....and we returned home wet but having had a great time.
Birthday cake with Kt too who’d just got home having come 4th in her competition, so more dog talk before they all left and T&Kt and I tidied up and then slumped for the evening watching wildlife programmes and talking of trips we’ve been on or would like to do.
All shattered so an early night...I have an early start in the morning to head back up north

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