By Charente

Along came a spider......

and sat down beside her.    This is a Lackey moth caterpillar (Malacosoma neustria) not too sure what the little spider is, now if only I had a macro lens!   I have ordered a tube, Aliscotia's idea.  It might not be quite up to a Macro lens but it is certainly much cheaper and will give me something to play with!

We had 23 mm of rain last night, it felt much more, but it has brought has over the 400mm for this year so far.

I have just spent the morning weeding, the sun is shining again and the soil is so wet weeding is very easy.   My day off today so Mr C cooks for himself.

Keep dry everyone and stay safe.  Tomorrow's entry might be a bit late as we have quite a lot to fit in, plus we will only be home (with certificates) after curfew.  Thanks for the visit.

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