Keith B

By keibr

Getting Started

I need somewhere to plant broad (fava) beans and peas, and after consultation with Jan decided to start here in the already existing frame, and to add another frame next to it.
I took this image as a "before" example, but I'd already made a start, digging up two large comfrey plants.  We planted the comfrey many years ago because it's excellent green manure. Unfortunately it's also a prolific spreader and we've been fighting to control it ever since.
Using frames, or raised beds, seems a good way to go as they are much easier to keep free of weeds, so I guess we'll be continuing along this path.
By the time I'd finished digging I was totally exhausted, so tired in fact that I didn't blip and this is hence a backblip, posted the day after it should have been.  I slept really heavily too, falling asleep as my head hit the pillow and not waking until 8 hours later!

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