By rat

Local football

Down to town to help at the vaccine centre. It was a bit confusing today as they had a new set-up in the hall to cope with giving 2 different types of vaccine and people were trying to get used to the new system. There were also some delays as several people needed interpreters but I was pleased to see they had come despite the language barriers.
I walked home via a different route which took me by the city's 2 football stadia. The top one is Dundee United's (Scottish Premiership) and the lower Dundee FC's (Scottish Championship). The pics were taken from the same spot!
More jigsaw and sewing this afternoon and then the running group. Mr Rat had the car son I ran home, and took a rather roundabout route on some off-road sections. It turned into a beautiful evening and the light across the fields was lovely though no pics as I didn't take a camera.

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