Attic discovery

I never dreamt when I set out to write a book over a decade ago ago about a children’s TB sanatorium in Wales (I spent four years as a child there) that people would still be contacting me in search of their own missing family history.
But it  happens on a fairly regular basis. For the book “The Children of Craig-y-nos” is the only  record in the world of life inside such an establishment and it's become  a unique piece of Welsh social history.
This morning over a dozen photos dropped into my email box from Brian Griffiths, Swansea of his mother, a ward sister . This is one of her on  the balcony with a young patient.
“ I was sorting out the attic and I came across this big box of photos,” said. Brian. “ I knew my mother worked in this hospital but I had very little knowledge of what her life was like.”
 She died when Brian was 11 years of age.
 “It’s been an emotional experience for both my sister and myself as we go through these old photos and piece together this missing history of our mother.”
He had heard about the book I wrote along with medical historian Dr Carole Reeves, “ The Children of Craig-y-nos” , and he went to Waterstones in Swansea only to be told to go and buy it off Amazon! ( He has since ordered a copy).
Determined to find out more about Craig-y-nos Brian turned to the internet, found  my blog http://craig-y-nos.blogspot.comand contacted me.
Now he would like to know if there are any staff or patients still around in the Swansea area who had  connections with the hospital and might remember his mother. If so could they contact me – and I will pass it on to Brian.

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