Up early, packed all my stuff and after a cup of tea and chat with T I set off north. He’d made me a packed lunch which of course I’d eaten by 9am (Mt’s the only one in the family who doesn’t eat a packed lunch within an hour or so of setting off on a journey!j.
Uneventful journey, listening to tonight’s book group book The Liar’s Dictionary. I’d chosen it based on a review I’d seen somewhere but it wasn’t very engaging and I struggled to keep listening all the way.
Arrived just in time for my first meeting of the afternoon and a couple more later, the last one being a good catch up with SB when we talked about options for their board next year.
Feel rather full of cold, not surprising given AR and Mx were spluttering and sneezing all over me at the weekend, and no inspiration for other photos, so here’s the little cup P gave me last week with the picture of (I think) Edward VII pressed into the base inside. Did some online investigation but can’t find any link between the King and Llandudno, so it remains a mystery!
Book group in the evening....only hazelh enjoyed the book really, but we were all very excited about the possibility of meeting in person in June...albeit in a garden.
Hot toddy and intended to have an early night although didn’t quite make it

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