fools challenge

By ladypop

Harvest mice

A lovely day, cloudy to start but blue skies by the afternoon. 

Did my housework first thing, had coffee and then did some potting up of the seeds I've been growing and also put the plants out to start to harden them off.  Went to get something from the shed and ended up taking everything out, cleaning/tidying and throwing things out!
Came indoors and made a shepherds pie which I had for lunch plus 4 to put in the freezer.
Went and sat in the garden enjoying the sunshine and an icecream.  Mowed the lawn, had a cuppa and then walked down to the church to water the plants I put in yesterday.  Saw a friend and had a chat. When I got back home another friend rang to see if I wanted to walk down Southend Pier tomorrow morning so said yes:) 
Hadn't been out for a walk over the fields so this is a watercolour that my friend painted for me of harvest mice.  I seem to run out of time to spend on blip so apologise for the lack of comments but I do look at all the lovely photos.

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