Tree Peony

Thanks for all the positive comments on yesterday's cyanotype experiment. It'll be interesting to see what I produce during the course of the residency, which is planned to culminated in a joint exhibition in Autumn 2022. 

Today was very different! After a prolonged period without rain, today it poured almost non-stop. Sarah is about to complete on the sale of her flat, so had rented a van to move her things to her parents' house for temporary storage, until she and Ben complete on their purchase. Not ideal weather for that!

Alex went to help them - just as well as there were a few tricky moments including getting a very heavy washing machine downstairs and maneuvering a large sofa out of a flat with several corners! He's very strong and good at working out spatial puzzles!

They'd finished their move by early afternoon and then met us at Molly's house to bring back a few items of furniture that wouldn't fit in a car, including a table and chairs that will eventually be theirs. It was the first time that Alex and Ben had been back to the house since Molly died, and the first time Sarah had visited. Rather strangely it would have been Molly's 94th birthday - she is still very much in our thoughts.

Bad weather and furniture moving meant there was little time for photography, so this is a hastily grabbed shot of a  pink Tree Peony that we inherited from Molly. Considering that it was rather neglected last summer, it's looking surprisingly healthy - hopefully it'll have a long life ahead.

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