By CanCarrier


I am on holiday this week, and even though I planned various events to keep me occupied I really knew I was going to use this week to rest. Work has been very busy and quite stressful. As usual I have found that for the first couple of days I have not been able to get out of the habit of 'getting up and getting things done', and I have been busily making lists and ticking things off. Sending e-mails, a birthday present for a friend, booking a blood donor session, trying to find the perfect replacement for the fridge-freezer. 

This evening I have finally crashed, I got up at a reasonable time and went down to the Botanics. I walked back through Stock Bridge and over to the West Port to run an errand. Got home late after noon and after a bowl of soup I felt cold and sleepy and tired. So I went to bed and crashed for a couple of hours. 

Now I feel a little detached and much less inclined to worry about all those things on my list. 

I suspect I will sleep late tomorrow. 

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