By Hillyblips

Cuckoo and Cat

Taking no prisoners he dived into the grass and came up with this huge moth caterpillar then flew to the trees on the lane to eat it no doubt. 

I went out after a morning's office work to escape the noise of the digger and chainsaw in the garden, thinking camera, camera, camera!!!  Anything  would be great to get on camera. 

Driving round our area in glorious sunshine which I didn't expect to last long with so many intermittent torrential showers and massive charcoal clouds billowing all around, I was amazed and thrilled to see a cuckoo just sitting on a bush in a field where I was going to park before I'd even turned off the engine. That did it off course as it flew off but at least it was a sighting. Setting up the tripod I waited.

There was a hare hunkering in the grass, a buzzard flew down and pounced on a male pheasant way a way  in the distance which was stunning to see and I could hear the cuckoo! 

Patience paid off - not that it was actually patience at all as I was thoroughly enjoying just being out and about, when I caught him getting a snack. A large one at that. Fantastic to see and capture.

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