Getting the sparkle back

By DomesticGoddess

Mini Walnut and Banana Loaf Cakes

Bake Off Box number two, part of the subscription my brothers gave me at Christmas. I can see myself making more cakes in the silicone baking tray which was part of the kit - the loaves were big enough not to dry out quickly and were a generous size - you probably wouldn't manage two of them! I swithered between icing them using a piping bag (a first for me, see the front ones) and my usual free-hand method (used for the back four). It was difficult to tell how much icing you could use per cake with the piping bag and I was a bit stingy with the four I did first. I added another line of icing but they still ended up with less than the free-hand ones. I guess practice would make perfect.

I made these partly in honour of JH's birthday the next day, and, as I'm back-blipping this - from 12th May - I can report that they were well-received.

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