A Gaggle Of Geese

Went to the hairdressers this morning, a patch of normality in a sea of restrictions.  I look vaguely human again.
On the way back we popped to the Stubbers Green Pool to hopefully see some baby coots or cygnets, but no luck  The remains of the coot's nest was in it's usual place, but just two lone coots swimming about.  No sign of the swan's nest or any swans, old or young.  So I looked at the other section of the pool which is over the road.  Nothing much happening there either, one swan, some Canada Geese and a couple of Mallards.
Took photos of what was there, not very exciting any of them.  The best shot was of these Canada Geese, making one heck of a racket.
Disappointing for our first venture out, but now we have been once we will be back soon.
Not sure if there is still a Wild Wednesday, or if I have got the right tag.

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