By Mangren

A walk to Devils gorge

Well started the day going to the dentist for a filling, that's now an experience, Full PPE means that you cannot hear what they are saying clearly.  It's like having Darth Vader talking to you. I've not got the best of hearing at time either.  But got through it.  So with a numb mouth, camera in car I headed off into North Wales, just over the boarder to Loggerheads Country Park.  Not been since a child and there is now a wide path to walk on.   I walked as far as the devil's gorge, not too far as we know what it's like, the camera comes out and there are so many opportunities.  The main picture is one I like for today's blip as it has a bit of sun just hitting the moss which has made its home there.  Extra photos are collages.

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